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Aspect Web Media launches major new email database cleansing and validation service

Friday, October 21, 2011 @ 04:10 PM
  • Pure List removes duplicates, eliminates bounces and identifies threats
  • Saves money and reduces time spent on fraudulent leads
  • Research shows email marketing is the second most widely used online lead generation method, adopted by 83% of marketing managers

Norwich, UK, October 2011 – Aspect Web Media, one of the UK’s leading performance-based internet marketing specialists, has launched the UK’s first major email database screening service for digital marketers. Pure List screens email addresses, in lists ranging from hundreds to millions of accounts, to verify their validity, remove duplicates, eliminate bounces and identify threats such as spam traps. It has been launched following research by Econsultancy which shows that email marketing to in-house lists is the second most widely used online lead generation method – up from 74% in 2009 to 83% last year.

Pure List can distinguish between hard bounces where addresses no longer exist and soft bounces where there is an automated response such as an ‘out of office’ message. The service can also remove data threats such as spam traps, honeypots and seeds, as well as click bots. It is even possible to screen for known complainers. Aspect Web Media recently used the Pure List tool to clean a file containing 1.2 million active email addresses. They discovered 157,373 threats, 24,570 complainers and 2,602 bounces. The list was consequently reduced by 15 per cent thus reducing potential deliverability issues with major ISP such as Hotmail or Yahoo.

Jonathan Erwin, Managing Director of Aspect Web Media said, “Pure List ensures that companies can be confident that their database contains a high proportion of valid emails so money is not wasted delivering to duplicate, invalid or dangerous addresses. Traditional data hygiene tools have been limited in their capacity to clean data, relying on algorithms or large caches of historical data to screen databases. These tools cannot perform the comprehensive screening which customers require to maintain good ISP deliverability.”

“The advantages of regularly cleaning data with Pure List are that active email addresses can be consolidated and prioritised, whilst the stigma of sending spam emails and potential damage to the ISP reputation is avoided because there is a significant reduction in the mailing of non-existent customers,” he concluded.

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